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Brief history of Sound Masking

Scene: So it's 1970. Square footage in corporate office spaces are expanding and becoming more crowded. And along comes sound masking...

Earliest application of White Noise

"The Quickborner Team of Germany introduced the concept of the open office to the United States in the late 1960s. Geiger-Hamme Laboratories developed a standard for open office acoustics in the 1970s. It was sponsored by the Public Building Service of the General Services Administration for use in open government offices. It included a requirement for sound masking. Many of the major furniture manufacturers, such as Herman Miller, Steelcase, and Haworth, converted much of their production to products for the open office" -Wikipedia

Hermann Miller, Dukane, Steelcase and Atlas Sound enter market

"Manufacturers of commercial sound systems entered the market in the 1970s; masking was an add-on to their other audio products. Soundolier (now part of Atlas Sound) sold a self contained masker that has survived until recently. The Dukane Corporation sold a masker that had two speakers contained in a heavy triangular enclosure. Companies that considered sound masking as their primary business came into existence about that time. One product, the Lahti masker, was a speaker mounted on the surface of a plastic sphere." -Wikipedia

Defense Intelligence Agency starts to use Sound Masking for Privacy

"A document was published in 1980 by the Defense Intelligence Agency. It concerned protection of secure facilities from deliberate audio surveillance; sound masking was one means of protection." -Wikipedia This cemented the industry and need to better technology

Cambridge Sound Management & Dohm.

Cambridge Sound Managment invents the first ever "direct field" sound masking systems which increase effectiveness and reduced costs. Naturally this winning combination became a over night success. Direct field systems are popular solutions for privacy and productivty. Dohm provides "floor based" sound masking systems that work for personal spaces to create privacy barriers for small offices and rooms.

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